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money on the mind

Employee financial stress leads to 3-5 hours of lost productivity each week.

We know that worries about personal finances are at the top of the list when Canadians talk about excessive stress. And as each of us know only too well, stress isn’t something you can tuck away in a drawer or leave at home. It comes with us to work where it can be a distraction that affects employee work performance and leads to absenteeism.

– Jane Rooney, Canada’s Financial Literacy Leader

the struggle is real

Managing personal finances is a modern-day survival skill.


People who ranked money as their greatest stress – more than health, work and relationships.


People who said it would be difficult to meet their financial obligations if their pay was delayed by a single week.


People who report that they have lost sleep because of their financial worries.


And, it's about much more than financial literacy.

When it comes to managing money matters, knowledge isn’t enough because what gets said doesn’t always get done.

Your employees each have their own unique experiences, needs, communication preferences and decision-styles.

That’s why supporting the financial health of your employees must involve financial literacy, numeracy and behavioral facilitation.

Financial WELLNESS at work

We offer curated programs and workshops that harness powerful behavioral insights to help support your employees financial health.

Financial Foundations is built to help employees explore why money matters to them, to prioritize their ambitions, to identify any barriers, and to bring it all together to create a clear and simple plan they can use going forward.

Financial Transitions is designed around specific areas of financial concern across a range of life transitions to meet the needs of your employees, whether they are just starting out, approaching retirement or somewhere in between.

Financial Sessions are the building blocks that comprise our offerings. They are  single subject sessions created so that the scope of your financial wellness initiative can be as narrow or as broad as you would like.


Boosting financial well-being is a win for everyone.

Improved Productivity

PwC has found that employee financial stress leads to 3-5 hours of lost productivity each week. Taking financial worries off of their plate can have benefits across your organization.

Better Engagement

Almost half of employers surveyed in a study conducted by Ernst and Young said that they found a direct correlation between a financial wellness program and increased productivity.

Greater Performance

Behavioral insights can be used to provide a line of sight as to how careers fit into the mission of your firm. The key for good management is to know them, involve them, inspire them and reward them.

Increased Loyalty

According to PlanSponsor, more than 90% of employees who felt like their employers made them feel more empowered at their job said they’d still see themselves working at the same organization a year later.

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